Visual progress

Had a visual check-in last night with a friend who comes over to my house weekly: she felt that I’d lost some fat around my face, my abdomen, & my thighs just above my knees. The “thighs” was a surprise, but the rest matches my own sense of what I’ve been seeing in the mirror re: my face, & with waist measurements (I seem to have lost a couple of inches since about March 14, down to 43″ from 45″) & with how my abdomen feels, like there’s still quite a bit of flab there but it’s getting pretty solid underneath. I attribute that to rowing, which amongst other things is a great core muscle exerciser.

Got some dancing (which I’m now using as something of a warm-up) in this morning, along with stretching & a 15-minute row to the tune of 2708 meters. Today’s a Tuesday, which is an open night for me: which means TT. Having missed it last week, I’m looking forward to getting back on it tonight.

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