BBFM week 5 rundown (17-23 March 2008)

I’m still not sure that the 10 lbs. my scale says I’ve lost is the real deal or not — the scale is frustrating, readings change by as much as 5 or 6 lbs. if the position of the scale on the floor changes by a millimeter. But I think I’ve lost an inch or so around the waist. Who knows. I’m just keeping at it, is all.

I started the week out by doing a morning 5000 meter row, my personal best to that date, a good minute faster than my previous personal best at that distance (26:10.5). And then the next morning I bettered it yet again by another half-minute (25:39.3). But was unable to do my TT workout that evening because of a prior engagement with a friend, which also involved the drinking of beer. Uh oh. Plus I was pretty wiped out, that nasty feeling in the muscles that lets you know “You better take a day off for recovery, sweetie.”

And so I did. Well, I did dance that next morning, but that’s not as intense to me as the rowing is. And the succeeding days I did my 5K rows (still going after that March Madness challenge, after all), but didn’t push myself quite as hard. And somehow didn’t get to the TT workouts. Though I did figure out that yes, indeed, watching a DVD on my laptop while rowing makes a long row far less of a bore.

Meantime, in the world of knowledge gathering, I decided that it’s about time I got Richard K. Bernstein’s book, Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution: The Complete Guide to Achieving Normal Blood Sugars. Again, I’m not a diabetic but a prediabetic — but I also know that there’s a wealth of info here I need. Back at home, I’ve already started to lower the amount of grains (even low-GI grains) that I eat, along with any other starchy carbs. Of course, last night I ate Easter dinner at my brother’s — which involved mashed potatoes, the first time I’ve eaten potatoes in a very loooooong time, it being a high-GI starchy carb. But back to clean eating today.

Goals for the coming week: Back to TT & other strength-training, as well as HITT. Using the calculators at Burn the Fat Inner Circle to tighten down on what my caloric intake should be, given my current metabolic state & level of activity. Keeping a food diary for the next couple of weeks. Rereading the rest of the way through BFFM & rereading the Precision Nutrition manual I last looked at a year & a half ago.

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