Week 4 begins

I’m calling Feb. 18 this year the start of my fat loss program this year, & as that was a Monday & so is today, that makes this the first day of my 4th week. I don’t know that I’m going to be posting every day, but I’m posting today anyway.

As mentioned in the last post, I started the 14-week Turbulence Training for Fat Loss workout program yesterday — at least, started in the sense of doing a full workout, rather than just the warmups, which I’d done the week before (if only to get myself used to doing squats again). Because TT workouts are structured for only two or three workouts per week, with days off in between, I won’t be doing one tonight. Which is as it needs to be anyway, because Monday evenings are reserved for spending time with a friend (as are all Wednesday evenings).

But, I’m still doing the March Madness rowing challenge5000 meters a day keeps March Madness at bay! — so I got up this morning early enough to put in my erg time. Errrrrggggg. I chose a 30-minute workout, which at my current level of fitness & rowing expertise would get me my 5000m & then some. Hadn’t done a 30-minuter in awhile, & wanted to see if I could better my previous ranked distance for that duration.

And indeed! a personal best: 5634 meters, with an average per 500m of 2:39.7, which puts me now at 198th ranking of 257 (77%) of in the women’s heavyweight aged 40-49 rankings. Hahaaaaa… I’m slowly getting better. And this was with the first 5 minutes being done at a slow “warmup” rate too.

But I was pretty wiped out most of this morning, leading me to believe that perhaps I’d been overdoing it over the weekend. However, now I think my wiped out feeling might be due rather to not having eaten enough yesterday, because with each additional meal today (I’m now on number 3), I’ve been feeling gradually better & more energetic.

Tonight’s for relaxation, & to bed at a reasonable hour. I sleep pretty poorly last night — got to bed late, & kept having to get up to use the bathroom. I’ve been doing my best to do get more sleep this month, in part because insufficient sleep is bad for fat loss, & in part because I’m more prone to getting rundown & especially getting depressed without enough. Hard thing for me, because historically I’m a night owl.

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