Cold, the blog

Okay, I just got done setting up & writing the first post for the blog I’ll be using for the writing of my NaNoWriMo 2007 novel, entitled Cold. The URL is already taken. So I settled for It’ll be a cold-brr damn month, this November, in more ways than one!

The blog is private for copyright reasons, but I’ll be inviting a lot of friends, family, & Internet acquaintances to it so they can keep up with it if they want. If you haven’t received a direct invitation, but would like to see what I’m up to this next couple of months, write an email to yksinainen at to ask me. I’ll email you an invitation. In this email, there’ll be a link which will let you do one of three things:

* Sign in to an existing Google account.
* Create a new Google account.
* View your blog as a guest (no account required).

In the first two cases, you’ll be given permission to view my cold-brr blog anytime you’re logged into your Google Account. As a guest, you can see my blog by clicking the link from the invitation email, but this guest pass will expire after two weeks. After that, you’ll need a new invitation. That’s okay with me: just ask me when you need a new one.

The writing of the novel will be in November; but I’ll also be posting backstory notes & the like to the blog during October & probably during the writing itself.

NaNoWriMo 2007 registration opens tonight. Time to get ready for what promised to be a wild ride.

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