Fall in the air

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Wednesday, 23 August 2006: Fall in the air

Feel that crisp in the air? Fall is coming. I don’t mind: fall is my favorite season. And it was sunny! And dry!

Did well on walking today, even though the cross-campus walk was sabotaged by my morning bus being so late that it didn’t give me the twenty minutes I needed for that route. So I got off at Prov Hospital & did the wide walkaround of SSB/Consortium Library instead. After work was Bus 36 to Spenard & a longer walk to my friend Sylvia’s house, & after my visit a walk to the Bus 7 bus stop, & then a walk from Spenard & Northern Lights back home. I was a thousand or so steps short of 10,000 at that point, so I topped up by doing 11 minutes of dancing.

The evening walks were a real treat. On the way to Sylvia’s I dicovered some raspberry bushes & grabbed a few tasty raspberries; & on the last walk home the sky, near sunset, was quite beautiful.

After I got home I spent some time downloading & organizing photos from my digital camera — something I hadn’t had time to do for quite awhile — so I can again grace my blog with photos.

Day total: 10,462 steps (or equivalent).

[Note: I will be updating some of my older Terveys posts with photos over the next few days.]

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