Start Walking, week 14 (August 7–13): Summary

Start WalkingSee this post to learn more about the Start Walking program in which I’m participating.

August 7–13, 2006. My goal this week was to finish not just cleaning the interior of the old apartment, but also to finish the carport, while still getting enough rest, without completely laxing on my walking. Here’s how I did; for details, go to the post of that title. (Titles in bold are to posts that are especially significant — discussion of technique, philosophy, etc. related to bettering my health.)

Summary: We finished cleaning the interior of our old apartment. We got a start on the carport (didn’t finish it), but I did find a new home for my old car. And re: exercise, I did beat baseline this week (11,481 steps as the average for the top four days; 8,734 for all seven days), & also reached an accumulation of 1 million steps walked (or equivalent) since I began the program on May 8.

In non-Start Walking news: I continued to learn about insulin’s properties as an anabolic hormone:

I conducted a little experiment in interval training, which had promising results:

I’ve lost about 18 pounds on the scale since late December; another measure of how much fat I’ve lost is in my waistline:

And I formalized my game plan for optimizing both exercise & nutrition using Craig Ballanytne’s Turbulence Training program & John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program, beginning I hope sometime next week.

(I received the Precision Nutrition program via UPS on Friday afternoon.)

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