Two & a half inches

A couple of weeks ago while loading out the junk — er, I mean the stuff — in Jesse’s old room, I discovered a belt we’d bought him at some time in the remote past that he has never worn. I know he’s never worn it because when I found it, it still had attached the little plastic hanger thingy that they use to hang belts for display in the clothing store.

I absconded with it. And have been wearing it since.

This is a belt that in late December would not have fit me. But a few things have changed since then, including my waistline. Since late December, I had already had to make two new holes in my old belt because the holes that existed weren’t tight enough. Now I’m using the third hold in the belt that was formerly Jesse’s.

Today I finally got around to measuring my loss by comparing the belt holes & measuring the distance between them.

Since late December, I’ve lost 2-1/2 inches around my waist.

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