Start Walking, week 13 (July 31-August 6): Summary

Start WalkingSee this post to learn more about the Start Walking program in which I’m participating.

July 31-August 6. My goal this week was to finish moving, but sanely. Here’s how I did; for details, go to the post of that title. (Titles in bold are to posts that are especially significant — discussion of technique, philosophy, etc. related to bettering my health.)

Summary: We got everything moved except the stuff in the carport, & got halfway done with cleaning the old apartment. I still managed 10,308 steps (or equivalent) for my top-four-days average (8,873 for all seven days), plus two more pounds lost. That makes it 18 pounds I’ve lost since starting to travel the health road in late December.

In non-Start Walking news: I came across the website of John Berardi, whose nutritional planning for athletic teams & individual athletes also looks like a really good approach for increasing insulin resistance & promoting fat loss in regular people like me. Through Berardi I also learned that insulin is not only anabolic for adipose tissue — i.e., it helps us get fat — but is also plays an anabolic role with respect to muscle. His nutritional program takes advantage of that. My report on what he taught me about this on the Insulin Resistance list turned out to be controversial with at least one person; but hey, the challenge of responding to that person just led me to a lot more good info. And convinced me to become a customer of Berardi’s Precision Nutrition program. Here’s the posts I wrote this week about this:

Between John Berardi’s Precision Nutrition & Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training, looks like I’ve got two great programs to tweak both my nutrition and my exercise program.

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