John Berardi on nutrition

Since learning about Turbulence Training last week, I’ve been subscribing to TT creator Craig Ballantyne’s Turbulence Training blog. Today that resulted in a nice little nugget — a nugget that led to a pretty rich vein. The nugget was Ballantyne’s offhand suggestion to check out a “nutrition blog” at John Berardi’s website. The vein proved to be all that really is at that website: a fount of articles, fully backed up by research, on good nutrition for muscle building, fat loss, & fitness.

John Berardi holds a Ph.D. in exercise biology & nutrient biochemistry, & works extensively on performance nutrition with various sports teams, Olympic training centers, & individual athletes, particularly in Canada. He’s also worked with a lot of regular people who are just trying to get healthier. He himself has been involved in several sports including powerlifting, bodybuilding, rugby, & track & field.

He’s also got a program called <Precision Nutrition, “our complete start-to-finish diet guide designed to get you the body you never thought you could have.” It’s got good reviews based on my web research, & is in use with a variety of athletic teams & trainers. I plan to check into it.

Meanwhile, with all the host of articles on his main website, I’ve found a new source of topnotch nutritional information that’s already adding to my understanding by leaps & bounds. I’ll be reviewing some of that info here as I read through it.

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