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Friday, 23 June 2006: Back to the bike

It’s been several days since I’ve ridden my bike, but I got back on it this morning. Took the street route again, & again climbed the C Street hill without a dismount, but I did feel like I was slogging all the way to work. A slight spattering of rain, but nothing like yesterday, & nothing my new windbreaker couldn’t handle.

Wendy [another Start Walking blogger] has mentioned things about step calculations for riding a bike based on how fast you’re riding. It really is a lot different climbing even slight hills vs. riding on the flat or going downhill. I think there are also differences based on the kind of bike you’re riding: I have a basic mountain bike, nothing too fancy, & its tires are much wider & I think slower than the tires on a lot of the more racy styles of bikes I see around. All through this program I’ve simply counted how many minutes from my starting point to my destination, including pauses for things like stop lights (which I don’t actually have many of); longer pauses for taking photos, for example, I subtract from my time. And I take that total number of minutes & multiply by 133, which is the step conversion given for riding a bike at 10 mph. I may not be going 10 mph, but I know I’m going faster than 5 mph; & I know the toll this takes on my in legwork & sweat — certainly more than the same amount of time spent walking. I get to work in about 30 minutes on a route that has some uphill (in particular, climbing out of the Chester Creek valley); going home takes me 25 minutes, with more downhill.

That gets me the equivalent of about 7,315 steps total on a day I ride to/from work. I always need more exercise to reach 10,000 steps. Since I got no dancing this morning, I’ll probably take a lunchtime walk today to make up the difference.


A fairly brief lunchtime walk plus the bike ride home put me about 1,000 steps over my daily goal of 10,000.

Day total: 11,043 steps.

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