My birthday was a few months ago, but I kept forgetting to take the personal holiday off that comes with it, as a job benefit, until now. End of the fiscal year coming up, don’tcha know, & these personal holidays are by way of “use it or lose it.” So I took today & went on up to Side Street for some writing.

Several changes in the offing or the actuality today:

First, I had to make a new hole in my belt because it was growing too loose. This is the second time I’ve had to make a new hole this year — I think the first was in mid-April sometime. This is evidence that my spare tire is becoming more spare, in spite of my weight still being the same. But with all that walking & biking & dancing I’ve been doing, on top of my change of diet (see Terveys for details on all of that), I’ve probably been putting on muscle that’s taken the place of lost fat. Muscle weighs about 3 times as much as the same volume of fat — i.e., muscle is much more compact. Though hovering for four months at the same weight is still kinda bothering me, so I plan to see if there are more adjustments I can make to how I eat & exercise. First & foremost thing being: picking up the dumbbells & barbell again.

Second, this isn’t really a new since we had decided on it a few weeks ago: we’re shortly to be moving. We’ve already put in our notice with our landlady for a move at the end of July. This is simply to find a more affordable place, as things have been too tight for too long. I hate moving, but there y’go: sometime you just gotta do it.

Third, I got a new cell phone. This is to replace the cell phone I fritzed out by wading up to my tits across a creek on Memorial Day with my cell phone forgotten in my vest pocket. And this time, it’s a Nokia, so I am finally being a good little Finn in my choice of cell phone.

Fourth, Rozz showed up at Side Street to give me the good news: she’s been accepted to the acupuncture school she interviewed with when we were down in Seattle in January. She had a second interview yesterday over the phone, & felt pretty nervous about one of the questions they asked, but that’s all forgotten now.

Now come the butterflies. Three years: assuming she can get the finances together to actually go, that’s how long she’ll be down there, with only three three-week breaks each year. I won’t be moving to Seattle, nor will Jesse.

We’ve talked about this for a long time, so we have some preparation. How to keep our relationship alive & strong when we’re separated by a two or three hundred dollar plane flight. But yeah, it’s still a bit scary.

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