A bike day, getting back up to speed

Muskeg & mountain, from UAA campus

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Friday, 26 May 2006: A bike day, getting back up to speed

Given I was falling asleep all over myself yesterday on the bus, & later at home watching a movie, I think it was wise to take it a bit easier & to make sure I got plenty of sleep. But this morning I was ready to go again. Due to time constraints, I only got in 20 minutes of dancing, but that plus this morning’s bike ride in have me already almost to the step count that I had for all day yesterday.

The bike ride in is beginning to be as enjoyable as it is work. Now that I know the trail, I’m able to pace myself better, & nothing beats the fresh sweet scent of balsam poplar sap on the wind & birdsong in the trees. If that’s not a reason to get out, whether on bike or afoot, I don’t know what is. The air was cool but not chilly, & I can feel another warm day coming on — it’ll be warm going home this afternoon, but I’m prepared.

Funny thing about my pedometer: it can’t be tricked (like the UA pedometer could be) into adding steps just by shaking it, but it will count steps when it’s sitting in my saddlebag as I bike in to work, even when it’s completely horizontal. I guess that it must get jogged as I ride over little bumps or something. Anyway, when I arrived at work this morning, it said I’d gone 695 steps. But I think I’ll go with the step conversion chart: 30 minutes bike riding at 133 steps/minute = 3,990 steps. I do, of course, reset the pedometer before I clip it to my pocket & go upstairs to work.

UAA campus woods

I’ll update today’s blog later; in the meantime, I wish you all a pleasant Memorial Day weekend. And respect to all who have lost their lives in war, & to their families who bear their loss.


Took a walk at lunchtime, mostly a wander through the unpaved paths between the Arts building & the bike path along Goose Lake, clocking up around 5000 steps. No surprises on the way home: same four-mile bike ride taking 25 minutes.

Day total: 15,635 steps (6,652 over baseline).

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