A bus day; going slow

Start WalkingBoy was I wiped out today. I was pretty productive at work, but my body was just tired, tired…. So, I knew I’d probably been pushing myself a bit too hard all at once, & decided I’d better slow it down for a coupla days to give my body some time to recover, before starting to push again.

Rozz gave me a ride to Sylvia’s place, my regular Wednesday night destination. On the way there we stopped by New Sagaya for her to pick up some goodies for a training she’s involved in Thursday, & I decided to get my dinner there too. Reading that stuff earlier in the day about pesticides in produce had its effect: I bypassed the salad bar (most of New Sagaya’s produce is conventially grown), especially the spinach. Got a pint of Mongolian beef instead. That was pretty good.

Today’s Start Walking blog:

Wednesday, 17 May 2006: A bus day, going slow

I pushed myself Monday & Tuesday, maybe a bit too hard. Today I felt pretty wiped out all the way through. Still did my morning dancing — 28 minutes, the equivalent of 3,668 steps — & walked up to the bus, which verified the accuracy of my new pedometer. And of course the walk from the Prov Hospital bus stop to my office, & the incidental walking during the day in the office, which is a surprising lot of steps. But tonight, when I had the opportunity to get some more walking in by taking the bus home from my friend’s house, which would have added another 2,000 steps or so on walks to/from bus stops, I accepted my partner’s offer to come pick me up. I was just too wiped out, & it seemed the wiser alternative to listen to my body & give it some rest while it’s feeling that way.

I plan to take it easy tomorrow too, & return to the push Friday when I’ll be riding my bike to work again. Saturday will also probably be a more active day, as I intend to participate in the annual Creek Cleanup, which will involve a fair amount of walking.

Day total: 6,850 steps (under baseline).

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