The glycemic yo-yo

If I needed any reminding about the evils of too many carbs, especially refined carbs, at any one meal, I got a reminder today.

A going-away gig for one of my coworkers, celebrated with lunch which was in part potluck, in part sandwiches on white bread purchased on a tray from Carrs/Safeway or somesuch. I think I’d’ve been okay if I did just a sandwich, along with some of the potluck meaty items; but I also has a small portion of the “goodbye & good luck” cake, & some kind of tart.

Two hours later: that leached-out feeling & incredible sleepiness, thanks to the glycemic yo-yo effect of post-carb crash. These are sensations I haven’t felt in a long time, which used to be so familiar. Gods I don’t miss them at all.

Next time someone goes away, I’ll still bring my own lunch.

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