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So DC Comics, originator of such comic book heroes as Superman & Batman, is now unveiling a new lesbian superhero: Batwoman, who is actually a recast of a minor DC Comics character who I gather was killed off in the … Continue reading

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Dirty feet

It’s been plenty warm for the past week, and I haven’t been wearing shoes at all. Instead: sandals. But since I’m also doing an awful lot of walking, it means my feet get pretty dirty. This is the result of … Continue reading

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Field of Words: Breaking through on Ophelia

Some good news on writing progress; full scoop in Field of Words.

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Breaking through on Ophelia

The last couple of days have been very productive with writing. Not so much with direct writing, as in breaking through a problem so that I can write. No offense, Ophelia, but that problem has been you: needing just a … Continue reading

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Horsetail forest

The hill up Arctic Boulevard between the Chester Creek valley & Fireweed Lane is covered with horsetail in the summertime. As of yet they’re young, but beautiful for all their commonness.

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Momentum through Mystery

It’s probably apparent just in how little I’ve written in this writing blog that I’ve not been writing as much as I would like to. In part due my mother’s death last November… in part lots of focus on my … Continue reading

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Chemical food

The Environmental Working Group reports of the foods most contaminated by pesticides.

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People Mover bus & downtown Anchorage This week we’re beginning flex-time for the summer, as we’ve done the past few years. The first summer we did it, I worked four ten-hour days & had the fifth workday free. I took … Continue reading

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(For the Scheherazade Project, on the theme of fear. Constructive criticism always welcome.) Last night I told Rozz, I’m not always at the edge of the pit, but I’m never far from it either. She said, That thing you call … Continue reading

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Sunflowers for my mother

Mom, these are some of the sunflowers Mark’s work sent for Dad, because they were your favorite flower. I was always lousy at remembering Mother’s Day or your birthday early enough to get a card to you. But Mom, today … Continue reading

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