Deb had a surprise for me when I came in to Side Street today after missing three or four weeks: I’d won a coffee card — the second time in my 12-year history of patronizing Side Street that mine was the lucky used card drawn.

Good thing too, because I needed a new one.

So I bought myself a cup of pomegranate tea & opened my bike pack to get out my writing stuff, & worked.

Yep, I did. Not for really long, because I got there pretty late, but I did get some done — mainly working my way through some of the Ophelia stuff in MoW & working out what the problem was/is that I’ve got to fix.

Oh gee, I haven’t written about MoW on this blog before, have I? Okay, well I will, but not now. Meantime, I’ve got a web page about it, after the full title of the work: Mistress of Woodland.

Good to get back in & work at my favorite place.

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