Biker dyke in the making

Took the bike up today to Side Street for writing. Instead of taking the steep hill up E Street to get downtown, I took the bike trail towards Westchester Lagoon and cut right to take the more gradual climb along a bike trail that curves around the hill next to where L Street comes down & turns into Minnesota — that trail eventually runs out & connects up with the sidewalk along 15th Avenue. Didn’t quite make it all the way up the hill before I had to dismount — huffing & puffing — but hey, I’m sure it got my metabolism moving. When I got my breath back, I had a ride on the flat the rest of the way to G Street & my favorite writing venue.

Can’t say I got a huge amount of writing done, though Deb (co-owner of Side Street with her husband George) complimented me again on my haircut — she says the very short hair softens my features. Spent some time looking through Mountain Bike Anchorage again, to check out what trails might be suitable for my level of fitness & biking expertise, & which trails I’d be better doing afoot. Then I did do a bit of writing work (will cover that in Field of Words), before Side Street closed at 3:00.

I rode my bike down to Elderberry Park, ate my lunch, & then took the coastal trail back down to Westchester Lagoon. This gave me a little more of metabolic boost because that stretch of the coastal trail has a few shallow hills. Stopped a few times for pics, more of which can be seen in my On the bike set on Flickr. And then home.

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