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The god thing

From the continuing conversation in an online group about life philosphies/religion/spiritual paths — one person there says stuff about religion, especially the organized varieties thereof, that could almost have come from my mouth, with one interesting difference: she is an … Continue reading

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Tramping in the woods

Lichen forest at the foot of a birch tree Just in case my earlier bike jaunt wasn’t enough exercise for the day, we packed me, Rozz, Jesse, Jesse’s dog Sweetheart, & Jesse’s bike (unnamed) into the car & drove out … Continue reading

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Deb had a surprise for me when I came in to Side Street today after missing three or four weeks: I’d won a coffee card — the second time in my 12-year history of patronizing Side Street that mine was … Continue reading

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Biker dyke in the making

Bike helmet & pomegranate tea Took the bike up today to Side Street for writing. Instead of taking the steep hill up E Street to get downtown, I took the bike trail towards Westchester Lagoon and cut right to take … Continue reading

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Along the bike trail

Took the Chester Creek trail home — an easier ride homeward than workward because there’s more downhill, less uphill. And I can take my time. So I did, stopping along the way to take a few photos. Still a lot … Continue reading

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Raven in flight

A lucky shot: I have historically had one heckuva hard time getting good photos of ravens in flight. I’ve noticed that the ravens don’t seem to be leaving town very quickly this year, in fact for the last couple or … Continue reading

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Good news from the boy

He passed the reading portion of his high school exit exam! With a whopping good score, too. He’d already passed the writing & math portions last fall, would’ve passed the reading too I think if he hadn’t forgotten he was … Continue reading

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Terveys: Bike day #2

Second day riding my bike the four miles to work. Read more about it at Terveys.

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Bike day #2

I just got done huffin’ & puffin’ to work, my second day on the bike. Today I did the 4 miles in 35 minutes, instead of the 40 it took on Tuesday, but believe me it’s not because I’m in … Continue reading

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A brief spiritual history

In an online group I’m in, the topic came up of our religious/spiritual history, & how it integrates or doesn’t integrate with our sexual orientation as lesbians. Here’s the short version, as written there (with some emendations). 1. Junior high … Continue reading

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