This is what you get if you're willing to set your alarm clock for 5:00 AM

Now tell me I’m not eating a lot better than before.

Before: sleep in to the last possible moment that still leaves enough time to pee, dress, & get to work — no time for eating breakfast or preparing lunch. Thus, lunch was likely to involve a trip to the vending machines for potato chips just to stave off the hunger pangs.

Blechhhhhh. This was much better. Steam-cooked skinless/boneless chicken breast, red cabbage, Japanese greens, green onions, radish, pumpkin & sunflower & sesame seeds, & Paul Newman’s Caesar salad dressing (“Don’t dilute us, Brutus!). And an organic navel orange for dessert.

Happy tummy.

(I ate breakfast, too. I have to get up earlier, but it’s worth it.)

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