Cinnamon & spice & everything nice

Cinnamon186. 101 mg/dL.

Well, the BG ain’t as good as yesterday morning, but it’s not like everything’s gonna change in a couple of days. Weight is actually hovering, wanting to go down to 185, but not quite.

And another mouthful of cinnamon.

Really, that’s the way I’m taking it: spoon up a teaspoonful, pop it in my mouth, & then wash it down with water. Leaves some tingle on the tongue, but not bad. Not bad at all. Better, certainly, than mixing it with the psyllium husk in water that I take to add more fiber to my diet. Psyllium husk, that’s the same stuff in Metamucil, except without the added sugar/flavoring. I like it just fine without additional flavoring — including cinnamon. In fact, really bad with cinnamon. And cinnamon really bad with psyllium husk. Cinnamon better alone. Psyllium husk better alone. Really. Well, both with water, actually, otherwise you couldn’t get it down. But not with each other.

Plantain from a producer of psyllium in IndiaI first took psyllium husk several years ago, on my naturopath’s advice when she first diagnosed me as prediabetic. You know — backwhen, when my measures were half-hearted. But I grew to like psyllium husk. It’s the seed heads, or something, from plantain, though of which of several zillion species of plantain I don’t know — but maybe I could harvest some of my own this summer. The stuff I get comes packaged as “colon cleanser,” but psyllium husk is all it is: very dry, until you add about six ounces of water (per heaping teaspoon of the dry stuff), & then as it bloats up with the water, it gets nice & fat & gel-like: the texture of tapioca without tapioca’s high glycemic index. Good soluble fiber, minimal if any calories. And actually refreshing. I like it.

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