Snow in Anchorage

At least as of 8:00 AM when I was driving in to work (yeah I know, & I got here late too), we were getting snow. We already had some, of course, but now we’re getting more…. Okay just stuck my nose in the boss’s office (he’s not in it) because he has a window to the ouside world, & it’s stopped. But all the same….

Bless my Steger mukluks, which keep my feet warm & don’t kill my back because they’re not bloody heavy like the pac boots I had before. Walking in the snow is a pleasure, with them — as I did last winter in the accompanying pic.

Bless the trucker who went off-road rather than smash me into little bits when my car did a 360 just before the North Eagle River exit on the Glenn Highway last January 2. He had my life in my hands, & he saved it. Thank the gods he was safe too. Bless him that today I could be on the road on the way to work, & remember what happened that day, & remember then to take it easy & not be in too big of a hurry even though I was late to work, so I would drive safely this morning, & keep me & all the other people on the road near me alive too.

Bless the snow. There’s a great Denise Levertov poem that I love about falling snow & now I’m gonna have to find it & post it.

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